The 2017 Agenda: The Energy Matrix of Mexico is Under Construction

Section 1 - Mexico Gas Power Sector Outlook

78 Years of lack of infrastructure, health and safety programs & inefficiency means business opportunities in construction - what are the ramifications of the transformation to natural gas in the energy matrix? Hear from industry leaders on the decisions they are making in a disruptive natural gas landscape.


Update on the Wholesale Power Market

  • Clearinghouse for Long-Term Auctions
  • Auction Design for Financial Transmission Rights
  • Implementation of the Capacity Balancing Market
  • Advances in the Medium-Term Auction
  • Status of the Short-Term Energy and Ancillary Services Market

 Jeff Pavlovic General Director of Monitoring and Coordination of the Electricity Industry SENER


  • Hear about new guidelines for the supply of natural gas to power plants and the latest changes in the regulatory framework
  • Discuss the challenges in pipeline capacity for existing and future power plants and how the new regulatory framework will benefit Mid-Stream companies and power plant operators
  • Evaluate the viability in the medium term for Mexico to have a business case for investing CAPEX in developing their gas fields while using the surplus of USA
  • Hear how Mexico could guarantee sufficient regulatory certainty to 3rd party market participants
  • Assess what is going to happen with the shale gas in Mexico
  • How investors/underwriters are viewing these challenges and their willingness to invest in the operators?

Edmond Grieger, Partner, Von Wobeser y Sierra, S.C

Francisco Saracho, President of the Burgos Basin Commission

Eduardo Barrueta, President, IPYGA S.A

Eduardo René Narváez Torres, Director of Power Markets and Supply Regulation, CRE *TBC*

Jesus Serrano Landeros, Commissioner CRE *TBC*


Natural Gas Power opportunities in Mexico - an EPC and Operators perspective

  • Discuss the hypothetical scenarios regarding future gas prices from the operator’s perspective
  • Know how CFE will ensure transmission rate certainty beyond 3 years
  • Discover how owners are navigating the current market conditions and where they see the best opportunities for investment
  • Evaluate whether the big players will follow the money in looking for opportunities in the Mexican natural gas Mid-Stream and natural gas power generation.
  • Hear from the major players in downstream on why their sector needs more infrastructure and the key regions they are looking at for new facilities

Luis Arias, Chief Financial Officer, AINDA Energy & Infrastructure 

Royal Daniel, Managing Partner, EIM Capital

Marian Aguirre Nienau, Deputy Director of Energy Sector Financing, BANCOMEXT

Mexico Mid-Stream sector outlook

Currently, there is only a 7% penetration due to the lack of legal frameworks to facilitate and encourage investment in distribution and construction of pipelines carrying gas to more regions of the country.

  • How to incentivize the expansion of natural gas infrastructure to increase the current level of penetration to levels close to 30%, similar to other Latin American countries
  • Assess whether there are clear regulatory signals in the distribution network to incentivize the investments in pipeline construction to solve the lack of gas supply in many regions in Mexico
  • Discuss the barriers to market entry within the distribution system of natural gas in the country and how to overcome these barriers to attracting more consumers
  • Hear how the Mid-Stream Texas industry and its geopolitical advantage compare to the key players from other regions can do business in Mexico and why you should look for your next partner between Texas and the North of Mexico when shopping for your next gas supplier
  • Hear from the experts why Mexico needs new Mid-Stream and Electricity Network Map to give developers new opportunities for infrastructure development and where are the critical areas in need for construction and development
  • Hear case studies about the electricity congestion challenges in the Central, North West and South East of the country and how this challenge brings new opportunities for infrastructure development

Aaron Purdy, Manager - Strategy and Market Analysis, Kinder Morgan

Beatriz C. Maney, Managing Director OFSCap

Kira Potowski, Trade & Investment Advisor for Energy, Mexico-Germany Chamber of Commerce and Industry Energy

Understand the timelines, schedules and complexity of the IPP market in Mexico

  • See the new timeline for floating tenders in various locations around the country for gas fire power generation
  • Hear from major EPCs what they are looking for when searching new projects and new contractors with specific criteria
  • Why looking your energy project as a commodity could harm your business and increase the risk of lower quality construction?

John (Juan) Williams, CEO, Dominion Technologies


Distributed Generation, Generation Supply (Interconnected or No) & Cogeneration

  • Distributed generation, technological variants and opportunities in Mexico
  • Electrical efficiency from the point of supply, generation for self-supply
  • Advantages and challenges in the new regulatory framework for distributed generation and self-supply

Stanislav Palacios, Energy Director, TRACSA

Section 2: Executing projects

Ensure clarity in owner/contractor alignment

  • How to overcome communication barriers between owners, developers and EPCs
  • Ensure that plant owner expectations and plant operators budgets align to deliver a successful project
  • Discover how EPCs, owners and developers can minimize uncertainty during the planning stage through effective communication
  • Establish the fundamental principles your project requires in order to deliver on time, on budget and to specification

Pedro Enrique López Gutiérrez, Commercial Director, TECHINT North America

Antonio Héctor Alvarez, Director of Mexico and Central America, OHL Industrial Mexico and Central America

Jeff K. Woolley, General Manager, Fossil Power Technologies Sargent & Lundy LLC

Case Studies: How to execute successful power plant projects

  • Hear case study examples of how harmonious planning between owner, developer and EPC when building power plants is the difference between success and failure
  • Bridging the gap - Understand what a developer wants in terms of power plant construction is not always what the operator of the power plant needs, and how to overcome this challenge
  • Mitigate the risks that could prevent a power plant project being delivered and how you can mitigate them when you are researching and bidding for projects
  • Discover how to minimize disruptions and changes during planning and execution phases to keep your team - and your project - on track
  • Hear from successful project leaders on what makes for outstanding leadership of projects and project teams, and the credentials which have proven advantageous in achieving world-class project execution
  • Evaluate the effective utilization of project management tools, documentation and guidelines to ensure continual improvement

Javier García Laza, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Energy, Duro Felguera Energy

Ignacio Docio Project Director OHL Industrial Mexico and Central America

Alberto Elizalde Baltierra, Executive Manager of Project Execution PEMEX Cogeneration and Services *TBC*

Project Execution: The New 3,000MW High Voltage Direct Current (HDVC) and the Next Generation Projects in Southeast Mexico

  • Hear how EPCs can benefit from lack of electricity transmission infrastructure and power generation in the South East of Mexico and evaluate the risks in Canterell basin region
  • Assess the challenges and opportunities in building 600km of new transmission line between the Tehuantepec isthmus in Oaxaca and Yautepec, Morelos state in central Mexico where electricity demand is the highest
  • Discuss the terms and conditions of the next tender of $1.2bn electricity transmission line; the country's first high voltage direct current line and the first line to be built and operated by the private sector

Select the right turbine for your business and plan for O & M to reduce downtime and optimize output

  • Evaluate the different turbine options available for your plant in order to optimize output
  • Discover how regional climate differences should influence your choice of turbines, especially in tropical regions
  • Hear from the experts on how to improve the losses in MW production when your turbines lose up to 20% of efficiency due to climate issues
  • Plan a proactive and predictive O&M strategy in the design phase to ensure better performance throughout the plants life
  • Discover how analytics and IoT can be built into plant design to ensure you have a 360 view of the performance of your plant
  • Chilled water plant absorption, Turbine inlet air cooling (TIAC), independent driven compressors or coupled hydrological-electricity modelling; which technology is best for your power plant?
  • Which Compressor Station is more reliable, efficient and cost effective for my power plant and how to achieve eco-friendly power generation
  • Ensure efficiency, availability and reliability on a long-term basis in your power plant with the right O&M strategy for your cooling system and fuel switches and reduce vulnerability to changing climate and freshwater resources
  • Which power conversion system is best for my power plant and how long you have to wait to see the ROI when you need O&M in power plant
  • Know how seamlessly handle fluctuations in pressure and flows can set you power plant apart from traditional turbine solutions
  • How to take advantage of the steam you power plant produce: Pressure-Temperature Relationship of Water & Steam, Saturated Steam (Dry), Unsaturated Steam (Wet), Superheated Steam, Supercritical Water, Various States of Water

Joshua Kraft, Sales Director, PowerPhase

How to manage permitting, regulation and social impact studies when planning a successful power plant project

  • Understand the key legal milestones you need to address in order deliver a successful power plant project
  • Hear from operators on how you can work with government entities on social impact studies, land rights, regulation and provisions to speed up your planning process and minimize costs
  • Get in-depth analysis on the terms of permits and land rights you need to have in place for your project
  • Find out how to secure community support and approval to avoid costly delays
  • Evaluate the importance of ASEA and SEMARNAT guidelines when building new power plants or supplying existing and new power plants with pipelines

Roberto Gonzalez Labastida, General Director of Industry, SEMARNAT

Jorge Echaniz, Social Impact Director, SENER

Sergio Frias, Sergio Frias Vice Principal, Project Development CFE

How to train and retain an excellent workforce

  • Understand the importance of major initiatives in training and educating the new gas power plant workforce
  • Hear how Government entities are developing the new generation of technicians for your next power plant projects in concert with some of the most important universities in Mexico and the USA
  • Find the perfect partnership with leaders in power generation in Mexico to ensure you have the right personnel for you power plant project
  • How SMEs can retain their work force when competitors with big budgets and impressive work benefits are competing for your talent

Ramon Moreno, CTO, Mitsui

Procurement strategies to avoid costly delays

  • How to engineer reliability into your power plant and the construction phase to ensure you reduce down time when building and operating the plant
  • How to manage supply chain bottle necks that could cause costly delays to your project
  • Form the partnerships you need to operate a lean and agile supply chain
  • How to use real-time information to align communications between divisions and reduce unnecessary expenditure

Miguel Servin Diago, Corporate Director of Procurement and Supply, PEMEX Cogeneration and Services

Effective project benchmarking techniques

  • Discover how historical industry average benchmarking helps project performance
  • Evaluate the challenges in applying industry benchmarking to projects involving both new and updated facilities with potential deep impact to overall operations
  • The importance of transparency in benchmarks for improving performance
  • Does my project require a different approach to benchmarking? Discover the latest benchmarking techniques to apply to your project

Security on site - a challenge for the whole industry

  • Discover how owners, developers, EPCs and operators tackle one of the biggest challenges that Mexico is facing when building new power plant projects and new natural gas pipelines
  • Methods and techniques that are helping companies to reduce the security risks in the process of pipeline construction and power plant construction in Mexico

Horacio Fajer, General Director, Kidde Mexico

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