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9:00-9:10 Welcome Speech

Chairman: Marco Nieto, Baker & McKenzie

9.10-9.30 Advances in the Mexican Electricity Market to a Year of its Creation and Business Perspectives

Katya Somohano, General Director, CFE Calificados

9.30-10.15 Political utlook and market perspective to 2020
  • Assess the future of merchant power plant construction in Mexico and energy security through to 2020
  • Discover the opportunities available for EPCs over the next ten years
  • Identify challenges and opportunities for new and existing independent power producers
  • Efficiency of the supply of natural gas by 2020 and the development of the five-year plan

Moderator: Marco Nieto, Baker & McKenzie

Alejandro Zairick Mora, Secretary of Economy and Port Development
Government of Veracruz
Luis Eduardo Lopez, Strategic Project s & Energy Government of Veracruz
David E. Rosales, General Director of Natural Gas and Petrochemicals, SENER

10:15-10:30 Medium and long term auctions
  • Implementation of the Energy Reform in the electric sector
  • Long Term Auctions for Energy, Power and CEL's coverage
  • Medium Term Auctions for Energy and Power coverage
  • Power Balance Market

Gumersindo Cue Aguilar, General Director of the Electrical Industry Coordination, SENER

11.00-11.15 The Other Winners of the Energy Reform
  • The Baja California - Mexico interconnection, benefits, challenges and opportunities
  • Learn about the benefits for new IPPs in the wholesale electricity market
  • Know the criteria and guidelines to consider obtaining permits and become an IPP
  • From 5MW to 50MW: know the benefits of building your own conventional power plant

Marcos Valenzuela, Director of the Wholesale Electricity Market, CENACE

11.15-11.30 Natural Gas Supply in Mexico
  • Overview of the first three years and function of the National Centre for Natural Gas Control [CENAGAS]
  • Review the current state of transport and storage of natural gas for the safe, reliable and efficient supply of a fuel vital for the development of the country
  • Evaluate the natural gas trading scheme that guarantees free access to industrial clients and SMEs Discover the operational and information technologies that allow you to link information generated in the different areas in an optimal way to assure a reliable supply

David Madero, Director General, CENAGAS

11.30-11.50 New Capacity Reserve, CENAGAS and Open Seasons explained
  • Discover the new guidelines for the natural gas sector in Mexico
  • Understand how the open season works for industrial clients
  • Acknowledge the opportunities and challenges that capacity reservation brings
  • CENAGAS – CRE, understand their roles within the natural gas transportation system

Eduardo Prud’Homme, Titular de Gestión Técnica y Planeación, CENAGAS

11.50-12.30 Energy Efficiency, Permits, Regulation and Studies of Social Impact in the Generation Ecosystem
  • Understand the importance of indigenous consultation and social impact studies management, at federal, state and municipal levels, when building your power plant and installing your pipelines across their land
  • How to take advantage of the network code; how it operates and why it does not cause problems for the network
  • Analyse long-term auctions and identify opportunities for the country's electricity market
  • Identify the reasons why new IPPs must adapt to the frequency requirements so as not to cause problems in the network

Moderador: Benjamín Torres, Partner, Baker & McKenzie

Israel Jáuregui, Deputy Director-General for Energy Efficiency, CONUEE

2.00-3.00 Project finance and the new role of the equity groups and investment funds
  • Recognise how financial instruments for energy operate and the current appetite for investment in these projects
  • Assess which mechanism of negotiation the banks, equity groups and investment funds use for lending money to power plant owners, EPC and contractors
  • Evaluate what the power plant owners can expect in the short and medium term from financiers
  • Natural gas as a transition fuel towards a low carbon economy

Moderator: Marco Nieto, Baker & McKenzie

Marian Aguirre, Deputy Director of Energy Projects, BANCOMEXT
Hector Villareal, Chief Financial Officer, Thermion Energy
Eduardo Piquero, General Director, MexiCO2
Leticia Robles De las Fuentes, Director, Nacional Financiera, Coahuila

3.00-3.15 Local generation - isolated supply - small and medium scale cogeneration (2-30MW)
  • Local Generation - Isolated Supply, CHP and opportunities in Mexico
  • Final Rate of Basic Supply and Wholesale Electric Market Pros & Cons
  • Current Regulatory Framework for Local Generation Projects - Isolated Supply

Stanislav Palacios, Energy Director,  TRACSA

3.45-5.00 [Panel] Alignment / Owner / Operator / EPC / Contractor
  • Hear why - and how - excellent communication between EPCs and Operators gives you a better chance of delivering your project on time and on budget
  • Discover new strategies that contractors are pioneering to deliver projects that maximize efficiency
  • Understand how contractors are educating existing and new power plant owners to monetize new revenue streams using the latest strategies and technologies
  • Understand why - and how - major EPCs are embracing new technology to stay competitive
  • Understand why operators of existing - and future power plants - are your best ally when delivering quality and performance
  • Identify three critical areas that can affect your profits, margins and budgets
  • Interact with existing plant owners during the building process to reach commercialization on time and on budget
  • How to strike a balance between lowest cost vs. quality of product in the procurement process

Moderator: Benjamín Torres, Partner, Baker & McKenzie

Pedro Enrique López, Director Commercial, Techint
Agustín Tejedor, Director General Proyectos Integrados, GRUPO AVANZIA
Mike Ross, Kiewit, Senior Vice President, ECI & Kiewit Mexico Country Manager
Juan Pablo Jimeno, Director de Desarrollo de Negocios de Energia y Gas, AES México

5.00-5.45 How to unleash the potential of new technologies in gas turbines
  •  What are the operational demands that gas turbines face today?
  • Unleash the potential of new technologies behind gas turbines
  • Discover trends in preventive turbine protection
  • How to protect the gas turbine equipment against the main cause of unscheduled stoppages
  • Know the benefits of employing the best lubrication strategy

Speaker: Eng. Roberto Montes de Oca, Technical Product Advisor at ExxonMobil

Special Guest: Ing. Eliezer Garza, Falcon Group, Electricidad Águila de Altamira Plant Director



9:30-9:40 Welcome Speech

Chairman: Marco Nieto, Baker & McKenzie

9:40-10.40 Hybrid Energy Plants: Lessons Learned from Developers and Operators
  • Learn the details of the first hybrid project in Mexico of combined cycle solar thermal field (ISCC), which is already in commercial operation
  • Discover how the two photo thermal solar technologies and the salt-based heat storage systems open up space in Mexico
  • Learn about the advantages of the ISCC
  • Examples in the world of ISCC projects in operation
  • Evaluate why countries like Mexico, with great reserves of natural gas, can benefit from building hybrid power plants that include CSP technology
  • Understand what Concentrate Solar Thermal Power is and how it can benefit your existing and future merchant power plants
  • Discover why integrating CSP into conventional power plants can reduce the risk and costs in your project
  • Assess power plant performance, automation, energy production forecast and different hybrid configurations with CSP technology
  • Solar thermal technology – the key to have a stable national and international supply
  • Extensive applications of solar thermal technology for industrial and commercial applications and hybridization of technology
  • The importance of experienced partners for a relatively complex technology, both for integration and for components

Moderator: Marco Nieto, Baker & McKenzie

Jaime I. García Muñoz, Director of Business Development, ABENGOA Energía
Jeroen van Schijndel, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Rioglass
Alberto Garcia de Luján, Chief Executive Officer, GBN E&C
Daniel Blanco, Head of Renewables, Middle East, WSP

10.40-11.40 Data Science: The new ally of the operators
  • Discover how big data, IoT, machine based learning and VR can all have dramatic impact on the efficiency of plants and drive up profits
  • Understand the benefits of verification of transactions, expenditure and procurement in government institutions using data science
  • Understand the consequences when some entities hide data or only give convenient data to their energy users
  • Case studies from major power houses on how internal mega-data systems can help your power plant to maximize power generation

Moderador: Manuel Perez-Coutiño, Chairman of the Board, Cluster Puebla

Ramón Moreno, Vice Presidente Tecnico, Mistui Power Américas

Gilberto Saucedo Suárez, Director General, ITEIN

Jesús Adán Cortés, Director General, MICROSIDE TECHNOLOGY

11.40-12.00 Digital Transformation

Atzin Mendoza, Country Manager, AVEVA Mexico

12.30-12.50 O & M: Gas Compression Systems from the Operator's Perspective
  • Learn about the advantages of operational reliability
  • Discover the benefits of Operational availability
  • Predictive Maintenance Techniques.
  • Borescope Inspection
  • Vibration analysis
  • Thermography
  • Performance (Turbine / Compressors)
  • Oil Analysis
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Success Story "Platform Commissioning and Startup AGOSTO 12"

Fernando López Garcia, General Director, Turbine Field Solutions (nuvoil)

12.50-1.30 Panel: Energy Cluster a successful model for the energy sector
  • What are the energy clusters and how do they serve within the new energy matrix of Mexico?
  • Energy Cluster as a successful model in in favor of the energy sector in Mexico
  • Industrial customers and the importance of building energy infrastructure for self-supply
  • How clusters help in the development of energy infrastructure for its members and what they do to offer the best opportunities to its members

Moderator: Manuel Perez-Coutiño, Chairman of the Board, Cluster Puebla

Rogelio Montemayor, President, Clúster de Energía de Coahuila
Fernando Rodriguez, General Director, Clúster Energético de Nuevo León

3:00-3.45 Storage: The advantages of being the first to build new projects in Mexico
  • Learn why the storage tank project at the Madero Refinery is an example of excellence in procurement and construction (case study)
  • The Ramones II Norte: Lessons learned and advice for new natural gas transporters
  • Transportation and storage is the next bonanza for builders and gas suppliers
  • Learn about Fermaca and the development of its supply systems
  • Discover the challenges and opportunities that Fermaca faces in the development of gas infrastructure for commercialization

Ruben Kuri, Commercial Director of Pipelines, ARENDAL
Fernando Alonso Viñas, Director of Government Affairs, Fermaca

4.15-4.35 Natural Gas Power Plant Industry 4.0
  • Know how to go from managing your plant to controlling it, efficiently, safely and in real time, with the digitalization
  • Discover the main industries are being digitized to increase their efficiency, automation and value
  • Learn about the four key changes in technology and the market that are driving digitalization in the industrial sector: Connectivity (IoT), Mobility, Cloud (Big Data) and Analytical Applications
  • Learn how to generate high levels of efficiency, using innovative technology; Transforming your business model, with disruptive products and services; complying with Security and Cybersecurity standards

Felipe Rivera, Vice President of Process Automation, Schneider-electric

4.35-4.55 Advanced Technological Tools for Combined Cycle Operations Plant Improvements
  • Alarms Optimization
  • On-line Operation Efficiency and Monitoring
  • Control Room for Fleet Monitoring
  • Advanced Control for Combined Cycle Supervision and Automation
  • Potential Train Components Manager

Fernando R. Cosgaya, General Directo, TECNATOM México


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