The Natural Gas Power Plants Construction Summit, Mexico 2017 is the only forum that focuses on aligning power plant projects between owners, developers and EPC contractors to successful execute projects in Mexico’s booming natural gas power market 

Aaron Purdy

Javier García Laza
Executive Vice President and General Manager of Energy
DF Energy
Antonio Alvarez del Pozo

Antonio Alvarez del Pozo
Director of Mexico and Central America Area
OHL Industrial Mexico and Central America
Pedro Enrique López Gutiérrez

Pedro Enrique López Gutiérrez
Commercial Director
TECHINT North America
Aaron Purdy

Aaron Purdy
Manager - Strategy and Market Analysis
Kinder Morgan
Steve Berberich

Steve Berberich
President and CEO
California ISO CAISO
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Leading Companies Confirmed to Attend for 2017 Include: 

  • InterGen
  • AES-Mexico
  • Mexichem
  • GPG
  • Mitsubishi
  • Goldman-Sachs
  • PwC
  • Baker & McKenzie
  • Nader-Hayaux-Goebel
  • Asociación Mexicana de Energía
  • Asociación Mexicana de Gas Natural
  • Cogenera
  • AMDE
  • Siemens
  • XM
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The natural gas industry in Mexico is changing dramatically and you should attend the only conference that debates the real business critical challenges that matter to your business.

  • Owner/Operator Alignment: How to overcome communication barriers between owners, developers, and EPCs
  • IPP Timelines and Schedules: See the new timeline for floating tenders across Mexico for gas fire power generation 
  • Execution of Successful Power Plant Projects: Hear case study examples of how harmonious planning between owners, developers, and EPC's is the difference between success and failure when building natural gas power plants
  • How to Manage to Permit, Regulation and Social Impact Studies When Planning Successful Power Plant Projects: Understand the key legal milestones you need to address in order deliver a successful power plant projects
  • Prepare for O&M in the Construction Phase to Reduce Downtime and Optimize Output:Plan a proactive and predictive O&M strategy in the design phase to ensure better performance throughout the plant's life
  • Procurement Strategies to Avoid Costly Delays During Construction Phase: How to manage supply chain bottlenecks that could cause costly delays to your project
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The Mexican Natural Gas Power Plant industry is booming

As you already know, the Mexican energy industry is going through huge changes driven by both regulatory and technological advancements. The result? A significant increase in the number of Natural Gas Power Plants being planned, constructed and operated across the country. This has led to an increase in investment across the industry as the supply chain gears up to take advantage of this massive opportunity.

However, these opportunities are not without their challenges. There is still a considerable gap in understanding the strategic and technical challenges ahead as companies look to develop new projects including owner/operator alignment, IPP time-lines, permits, regulations, social impact studies, O&M and procurement strategies. It is these decisions that could be the difference between costly over runs and delivering a project on time and on budget. For those that best understand the modern Natural Gas Power Plant landscape there are significant gains to made, do you have the information and partnerships you need to be a market leader?

Get the information you need, build the relationships that matter

The Natural Gas Power Plants Construction Summit, Mexico 2017, taking place in Mexico City on March 1-2, will provide you with the very best industry case studies needed to build, operate and optimize your Natural Gas Power Plant. In addition, you’ll connect with the owner / operators, developers, mid-stream operators, EPCs, OEMs, regulators and executives from companies and institutions both in Mexico and internationally that you will need to do business with over the next few years. Not only that but you’ll also get unprecedented access to the Government officials and Regulators who are setting the Energy reforms agenda making this a meeting you cannot afford to miss out on.

In 2016 we welcomed  over 300 senior level executives focused on unlocking the potential of the Natural Gas Power Plant industry. You’ll also get access to over 20 hours of networking with key decision makers from across the Natural Gas industry where you can build the relationships you need to take your business to the next level. And finally, you’ll receive hours of hours of outstanding conference content that will provide you with previously unheard regulatory, technical and technical case studies that will shape the way your plan your projects in the future.

Secure your ticket today as space at this exclusive meeting is limited and tickets are already selling fast. We look forward to seeing you in Mexico City in March

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4 reasons why you can’t miss Natural Gas Power Plant Summit, Mexico 2017:

We work hard to connect you with the companies and executives that will make a difference to your energy business in Mexico. These are the 4 key reasons why you can’t miss Natural Gas Power Plant Summit, Mexico 2017:

  • 1
    Unique Networking - More than 16 hours dedicated to networking, where you will be able to connect with the key companies that will drive your power plant projects forwards
  • 2
    Project Directors, VP of Operations, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CDOs, General Directors - you will be to meet and do business with key authorities and position yourself amongst the leaders of the energy market
  • 3
    Project Strategy & Opportunity - Sessions are designed to gain maximum understanding of the opportunities to create competitive business strategies
  • 4
    Solution Provider Showcase - Our sell-out exhibition will showcase the latest technologies and services for plant development and optimization

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Industry Endorsements & Testimonials For Natural Gas Power Plants Summit, Mexico

  • Allied Group

    "The attendees were higher officials which made it easier to communicate and interact with and gain information and knowledge of their companies."

    - Stephanie Ortiz, Allied Group
  • Siemens

    "Well organized, good venue, relevant topics, looking forward to getting a copy of the presentations."

    - Glen Baker, Siemens
  • Energy Narrative

    "Well organized, lots of people from different companies and energy sectors"

    - Lola Ballesteros, Energy Narrative
  • Siemens

    "Multiple points of view from buyers, suppliers and Industry experts / consultants"

    - William Hoffman, Siemens
  • Von Wobeser & Sierra

    "The sophistication of the topics discussed by the speakers and the level of attendees who are top tier in their respective sector."

    - Edmond Grieger, Von Wobeser & Sierra
  • Dominion Technologies

    "The venue reunites the main players of the new and growing industry of Oil and Gas in Mexico. It offers you information and knowledge of technology, the new industry regulations and rules of the game."

    - John (Juan) Williams, Dominion Technologies
  • Atlas Copco

    "I like the conference attendees, host speakers, presenters, presentations, panel discussions, Q&As, networking breaks, food, overall organization, helpful staff, venue, and hotel."

    - Igor Sandrea, Atlas Copco

See you at Natural Gas Power Plants Summit, Mexico 2017!

Fred Mazo

Fred Mazo

Industry Analyst & Conference Organizer
FC Gas Intelligence
1800 814 3459 ext 4314 (US)
+44 (0) 207 422 7204 (Global)

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