2nd Annual Natural Gas for Off Road Applications Canada 13-14 May 2015 | Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2015 Agenda

* This is a dual language event with translation throughout

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Morning Plenary

9.05-9.15 Welcome Speech from Conference Organiser

9.15-9.45 The Age of Gas for Canada: Building Partnerships to Drive Natural Gas Infrastructure Growth

  • Facilitate the vital partnerships needed to create new business details resulting in fueling success
  • Ensure that the Canada has a tight supply chain so that natural gas fuel can become a commercial reality
  • Monetize on the current tipping point for natural gas fuel infrastructure but getting ahead with your fueling business

Paul Cheliak, Director Market Development, Canadian Gas Association

9.45-10.25 The opportunity for natural gas fuel in Eastern Canada

  • Apply the success story so far of Western Canada to Eastern Canada and win big with new business
  • Realize the true fueling potential of HHP industries in Eastern Canada and get ahead with your own business strategy
  • Monetize on Eastern Canada's booming mining, marine and off-grid markets and win a piece of the action

Martin Imbleau, Vice President, Development and Renewable Energies, Gaz Metro


11.00-12.00 Building a reliable Natural Gas fuel supply Across Canada to Support the Growing Demand for Natural Gas Fuel From the Marine, Mining and Off Grid Sectors

  • The Stolt LNGaz strategy for development of medium scale off-grid market
  • Bunkering on the St-Laurent River
  • Power generation with LNG

Rodney Semotiuk, CEO, Stolt LNGaz
Jacques Beauchamp, President and General Manager, Petronav Inc
Frederic Lebel, Branch Manager, Enerflex
Stein Erik Larsen Sales Director, Stolt LNGaz



Mining Track Marine Track
14.00-14.30 Do mining companies in Canada think that LNG fuelled mining is feasible to their operations? 14:00-14:30 Ship Operator Case Studies
  • Seize the opportunity to learn from a mining company's research into the use of LNG to fuel their mining operations
  • Rev up your own mining operations by discovering what plans mining companies have in place to incorporate LNG
  • Skyrocket your own position by realizing what mining companies key supply and technology needs have been in the LNG space
John Sagman, Senior VP & COO, Wellgreen Platinum
  • Insight from some of thenation's leading ship operators on their current and future investment plans to utilise LNG
  • Understand why ship operatorsfeel LNG is the fuel of the future to tackle both high costs and emissions,inherent from diesel fuel
  • Hear their future outlookfor working alongside the gas industry to enable significant investment in LNG infrastructure and distribution solutions to enable efficient and reliable LNG fuel supply
Break out discussion
14:30-15:00 Gaz Metro Session 14:30-15:10 Incorporate an Effective LNG System on Your Vessel
  • Get ahead with Gaz Metro’s analysis of the potential LNG demand in the Quebec Mining Sector
  • Fine tune your business strategy by understanding the case studies of existing mines compared with the most advanced mining development projects
  • Gain advantage over your competitors by incorporating the rising demand for electricity generation from LNG in mining vehicles and industrial processes, into your business model
Renault-François Lortie, Director, Sales, Major Industries, Gaz Metro
  • Get ahead with expert insight into the emerging concepts and designs that naval architects have developed to prepare for the market wide shift from diesel to LNG powered ships
  • Get to grips with the lessons learned with dual fuel OSV design for the North American market and avoid any pitfalls
  • Plan your design around the space and storage capacity that will be needed on a ship to accommodate a comprehensive LNG system optimizing dual fuel designs for the Canadian market

Gregory Denton, Business Development Manager, GTT North America
Jeff Holyoak, Mgr. Product Cryogenics, Worthington Industries
Rodney Semotiuk, CEO, Stolt LNG

15:00-15:30 Liquefying and Storing LNG on your mining site

15:10-15:40 The Basic Standards Needed for an LNG Marine Project

  • Conquer the potential logistical implications of turning pipeline natural gas into stored cryogenic liquid fuel
  • Evaluate the requirements for natural gas sourcing, treatment, plant foot-print, storage, handling and dispensing 
  • Assess an compare the opportunity costs of LNG vs conventional petro-liquid fuels 
Andrew Stern, Vice President of Technical Services, Chester LNG
  • Get clarification on the framework of basic standards that Transport Canada would require and apply these standards to your business plan
  • Get ahead with deeper analysis on tank container systems and types to help you make the correct choice on LNG equipment
  • Ensure that your business strategy is in line with the future requirements of Transport Canada and achieve project legitimacy and success
LT Dallas Smith, Liquefied Gas Carrier Subject Matter Expert, US Coast Guard
16:10-16:40 ROI and Payback 16:10-16:40 The Opportunity for Natural Gas Engines in the Marine Industry
  • Advance your position by discovering the real dollar ROI percentages of LNG powered mining technology
  • Monetize LNG by making the right investments based on how the LNG commodity price affects the ROI
  • Make profitable decisions for your mining operations by assessing the risk and return profiles of previous research for pilot schemes
Brendan Marshall, Director Economic Affairs,MAC
  • Evaluate the benefits of switching to gas: assess the business case and determine what a good investment natural gas is for your marine transportation business
  • Assess the advantages of natural gas engines against your current diesel engine and create a strategy to incorporate natural gas into your operations
  • Get to grips with the availability of LNG powered propulsion systems for large and small vessels, and how the technology may offer significant operational savings and emissions reductions for operators
Mark Keneford, General Manager, Ship Power Sales Canada, Wartsila


Day One Day Two Top



9:00-9:30 Natural Gas for Mining in Quebec 9:00-9:30 Gaz Metro on Marine Industry
  • Discover the forecast for natural gas fuel in Quebec and how mining companies could benefit
  • Understand how mining companies could potentially incorporate the fuel into their future operations in the region
  • Get insight from specific case studies of mining companies in the region who have either researched or started to use natural gas
Josée Méthot, CEO,The Québec Mining Association
  • Get expert insight into LNG as a fuel in the marine industry from leading gas provider Gaz Metro
  • Advance by understanding the market potential on the St. Lawrence River and the projects which have so far developed
  • Get to grips with how Gaz Metro’s development strategy will serve to meet the growing demand in this market

David Vincent, Director, Business Development & Renewable Energies, Gaz Metro

9:30-10:30 LNG Infrastructure: the requirements on a mining site 9:30-10:00 The Latest LNG fuelled Vessels Coming Online
  • Get to grips with the replicate infrastructure needed for dual fuel systems
  • Achieve maximum mining truck efficiency from expert methods and suggestions for the new logistical challenges presented by a duplicate diesel-LNG dual fuel infrastructure system
  • Hear various options for structuring mine site models and discuss which one will work best for your portfolios

Hatch Panel

Michel Carreau, Director Energy, Hatch
Jean-François Verret, Director Capital Projects and Exploration, Glencore
Gilles Couture, Director Energy and Quality, ArcelorMittal
Éric Tétrault, President, Quebec Manufacturers and Exporters
Josée Méthot, President, Quebec Mine Association
  • Hear from leading marine architectural company Vard and take advice from their success story so far
  • Discover the number of LNG vessels that Vard are currently building and where they are set to go geographically
  • Draw your own conclusions from Vard’s forecast of potential new builds in the coming years and apply this to your own business model
Andrew Kendrick, Director Operations, Vard
10:00-10:30 How to Ensure that Your Workforce is Qualified to use LNG in Operations
  • Learn why training is such an important operational human element for progressing with your LNG project
  • Understand the key differences between operations unique to LNG and the verify what is not unique to LNG as a fuel
  • Have an all-star workforce by getting to grips with what skills are required to pass US Coast Guard requirements with IMO
Margaret Doyle, Senior Manager Business Development, GTI
11:00-11:30 Mining Applications powered by LNG: Discover the Latest Technology 11:00-11:30 Bridging the Gap between Current Regulations and Future Expectations
  • Procure insider knowledge on the OEM timelines for LNG dedicated haul trucks
  • Recognize and profit from the scalability of new technologies that use LNG to fuel mining applications
  • Is LNG fuelled mining equipment a game change? Outmanoeuvre the mining industry curve
Aaron Gao, Vice President, ENN Canada
  • The adoption and uptake of LNG as fuel for ships is still in an early stage.
  • A clear, stable regulatory framework is essential to develop the market. Uncertainties concerning regulations are a barrier to further development.
  • Harmonized standards (with regard to technical requirements but also to training requirements, safety rules, risk assessments,  gas quality measurements) – Harmonization of standards is essential to establish a true global market.
Jan Andersen, Principal Engineer – Americas, DNV GL
11:30-12:10 How do you get LNG to your mine site? 11:30-12:00 The Latest Technology Coming Online to Support LNG for Marine Transportation
  • Power your mine with LNG by harnessing the abundance of natural gas in North America
  • Understand the process of LNG and why it is lucrative to your mining operations
  • Successfully manipulate the logistics of LNG in relation to your business

Aaron Gao, VP, ENN
Perry Babb, President, Fleet Energy
Rodney Semotiuk, CEO, Stolt LNG
Kevin Markey, Director of Natural Gas Fueling Solutions, GP Strategies

  • Insight into the huge investment from Engine Manufacturers to help you get ahead with your LNG project
  • Understand the availability of LNG powered propulsion systems for large and small vessels alike and create your LNG strategy
  • Firsthand knowledge from experts to give you a future outlook on how engine manufacturers are continuously working alongside the gas industry and project stakeholders
Peter Keller, Exec VP, Tote
12:10-12:40 Virtual Pipelines for Natural Gas to serve the Mining and Off-Grid Markets of Canada  
  • Understand the potential as natural gas as a fuel in HHP industries and ensure you don’t miss out on this great opportunity
  • Learn how natural gas fuel will transform the economics of HHP industries and secure your stake in these areas
  • Assess the different supply routes of natural gas and evaluate the effectiveness of a virtual natural gas pipeline
Travis Balaski, Manager, Business Unit Vice President,Ferus Natural Gas Fuels
14.00-14.30 Virtual Pipelines for Natural Gas to serve the Mining and Off-Grid Markets of Canada 14:00-14:30 Classification Societies Give a Crucial Update for Canada
  • Understand the potential as natural gas as a fuel in HHP industries and ensure you don’t miss out on this great opportunity
  • Learn how natural gas fuel will transform the economics of HHP industries and secure your stake in these areas
  • Assess the different supply routes of natural gas and evaluate the effectiveness of a virtual natural gas pipeline
Travis Balaski, Manager, Business Unit Vice President, Ferus Natural Gas Fuels
  • Hear key insight from all of the leading classification societies on how they are going about forming best practise regulations for vessel owners looking to make the leap from diesel to LNG
  • Get a key debrief on the health and safety issues posed by LNG fuel and clear guidlnes for confronting these challenges
  • Make sense of what installation, operations and maintenance guidelines are being developed to ensure the safe running of LNG powered vessels
Jans Andersen, Principal Engineer - Americas, DNV GL
14:30-15:00 Natural Gas for Off Grid Power 14:30-15:00 LNG Marine Supply in Western Canada
  • Future outlook for off grid power and the incorporation of natural gas
  • Learn how Cryopeak has worked with Shell Canada and AtcoGas on off-grid power projects
  • Discover the challenges that these companies faced when switching to natural gas and how they were overcome
Calum McClure, CEO, Cryopeak
  • Hear the latest plans for the LNG marine market from a leading supplier in the Western Canada region
  • Get insight into Fortis BC’s outlook for the future of LNG fuel
  • Get the latest on plans to the plans to supply BC ferries with natural gas

Jason McIvor, LNG solutions Manager, Fortis BC

15:00-15:30 Natural Gas for Power / Heat Generation for Remote Communities  
  • Understand how natural gas can be used by remote communities for power generation and community heating whilst reducing fuel cost
  • Capitalize on understanding the potential benefits for the remote communities and provide an economical solution
  • Overcome the strategic infrastructure planning and challenges encountered as demand for LNG in remote regions of Canada grows
Andrew Hall, CEO, Yukon Energy

16:00-16:30 Quebec Minister of Energy Plenary


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